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Bash (A Gaggle of Saints and Medea Redux)
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Spokane’s Neil LaBute is a distinctive raw lyrical voice of American Theater. Come see the world that he brings to the stage, which is a battleground upon which themes like art, political correctness, genders, love, intimacy and the complexities of human nature are explored. He creates portraits of a world for his characters that on the surface is normal and sterile, but as their words peel back the immediate surface, they reveal the scary depths of cruelty. He gives his audience a glimpse into the human tragedy as characters deceive and wound each other or even themselves, not for gain or pleasure, but because, whether learned or inherent, it is their nature.

Our Mission

Our group is founded on the belief that live theater provides a mechanism for interpersonal interaction not provided by television and movies, that it should be a force for political, intellectual and social stimulation, and should be relevant to the daily lives of the audience and the players. We seek to broaden the involvement of the general population by engaging issues of topical value and stimulating the analysis and discussion of the structure and goals of society.

Volunteer at Stage Left

Stage Left Theater is a volunteer organization. We need volunteers to run the front of house (ushers, concessions, house managers, box office managers, cleaning crews) as well as performance functions (set design and construction, lighting and sound design and operation, stage managers, props and costumes) For house functions, you can volunteer online   
For production functions, please email us.

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Rent our Space!

One of the goals of Stage Left is to provide an affordable venue for small performing groups that otherwise have no home. If you have an urge to perform, contact us about rental rates.