2017-2018 Season

The plays listed here comprise the shows in the Stage Left 2017-2018 Season.  There are fully produced plays as well as experimental theater events and productions by other theater companies who rent our space.  We hope you will find in this list of offerings things to pique your interest and keep you coming back to Stage Left Theater.

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Sept 8-24, 2017


by Edmond Rostand, Translated by Michael Hollinger
Adapted by Michael Hollinger and Aaron Posner
Directed by Chris Wooley

The most legendary nose in literature gets a makeover with this lively American adaptation of the 1897 French classic. Will Roxane fall for Christian’s dashing looks or Cyrano’s daring poetry? Find out in this timeless tale—full of wordplay and swordplay that’s been an inspiration to writers and lovers for centuries.

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Oct 20 - Nov 5, 2017

The Back of the Throat

by Yussef El Guindi, Directed by Heather McHenry-Kroetch

Two government agents wreak havoc on the life of obliging Khaled, seemingly a luckless Arab American. The importance of the play is aided and abetted by the Federal Patriot Act -- our government can be the agent for terrorism, and not its sorry victim. The play won the 2004 Northwest Playwrights' Competition held by Theater Schmeater, L.A. Weekly's Excellence in Playwriting Award for 2006, was nominated for the 2006 American Theater Critics Association's Steinberg/New Play Award, and was voted Best New Play of 2005 by the Seattle Times.

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Dec 1-17, 2017


by Bertolt Brecht, English version by Charles Laughton, Directed by Chris Taylor

The play follows the career of the great Italian natural philosopher Galileo Galilei and the Galileo affair, in which he was tried by the Roman Catholic Church for the promulgation of his scientific discoveries. The play embraces such themes as the conflict between dogmatism and scientific evidence, as well as interrogating the values of constancy in the face of oppression.

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Jan 12-25, 2018

At the Sweet Gum Bridge

by Wallace Tucker

This play is dedicated to the Choctaw nation and particularly to Choctaw chief Apushamatahahubih, shortened to Pushamataha in the list of characters and to Push in the play. That chief was a contemporary of Andrew Jackson, when he was a general fighting the early Indian wars. Jackson used a divisive strategy, giving some advantages to the peace seeking Choctaws and managing to have their support in his fight against other tribes and particularly against Tecumseh, the chief of the Shawnees, who nearly managed to bring all Indian tribes together and was stopped in this project by Push himself.

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Feb 23 - March 11, 2018

Burnt by the Sun

by Peter Flannery, after the screenplay by Nikita Mikhalkov and Rustam Ibragimbekov
Directed by Lorna Hamilton

General Kotov, decorated hero of the Russian Revolution, is spending an idyllic summer in the country with his beloved young wife and family. But one glorious morning in 1936, his wife’s former lover returns from a long and unexplained absence. Amidst a tangle of sexual jealousy, retribution and remorseless political backstabbing, Kotov feels the full, horrifying reach of Stalin’s rule.

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May 25 - June 10, 2018

God's Country

by Steven Dietz, Directed by Troy Nickerson

This exciting, highly theatrical docudrama is about the growing white supremacist movement in America, those dedicated to violent revolution and the expulsion from "God's Country" of non Aryans. The play covers all of the right wing lunatic fringe while focusing on three narrative spines: the trial in Seattle of a paramilitary group which calls itself The Order; the career and death of Denver's Alan Berg, the outspoken, controversial, Jewish talk radio personality "assassinated" by The Order; and, finally, the hate filled career and death of The Order's founder, Robert Matthews. These narratives are skillfully interwoven, sometimes non chronologically, with statistics and facts into a kaleidoscopic and highly theatrical vision.

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Special Events

(Not included in season pass.)

November 10-12, 2017

Playwrights' Festival

A special event produced by Rebecca Cook and Juan Mas

A staged reading of short comedies by playwrights from the Spokane area and beyond.

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Feb 2-4, 2018

Fast and Furious V

A special event produced by Rebecca Cook and Juan Mas

Don’t blink! Stage Left’s fifth annual staged reading of super-short plays. This fast-paced, fun event will feature new comedies and dramas written by local and national playwrights and is sure to chase away the winter blahs. We will be doing a staged reading of 35 super-short plays. Audiences have loved previous incarnations of this fun, fast-paced event!

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March 30 - April 1, 2018

Left Overs V

A special event produced by Dawn Taylor-Reinhardt, Rebecca Cook and Juan Mas

Six short plays, written, rehearsed and performed, all in 24 hours, and all by local talent!

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April 20-22, 2018

Marx in Soho

by Howard Zinn

A special Anniversary event, recalling Stage Left's opening show, April 2013

A monologue in which Zinn presents Karl Marx in a visit to modern America (by dispensation from higher authority). Marx comments on the history of his life, on modern economics, on people he was associated with, and sundry subjects in a humorous and biting commentary.

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May 10-13, 2018

Kid's Corner Festival Show

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