Cyrano Auditions
Sword fighting. Witty dialog. Drama. Comedy.
This is a new adaptation of the classic play. It’s very much an ensemble piece – so the 30ish characters are down to 9 roles!!!
Audition dates are July 31st (Monday) and August 1st (Tuesday) at Stage Left.
Run Dates are September 8th to September 24th.
CYRANO – Male 30s/40s - A warrior poet. Total badass and suave.
ROXANE – Female 20s/30s(ish) – Smart, Romantic, and empathetic
CHRISTIAN – Male 20s – Young and Handsome, shy around girls. Badass around the guys.
LE BRET – Male 40s/50s – Guard Captain and Narrator.
DE GUICHE – Male 40s/50s – Aristocratic dick. The bad guy.
RAGENEAU – Male 30s/40s(ish) – Pastry chef with a big heart.
DE VALVERT – Male 30s – Bad guy prince. Stylish, vain, and good with a sword.
LIGNIERE - Male 30s – Drunken Poet
DESIREE – Female/Male 40s(ish) – Roxane’s nurse/chaperone and a bunch of other roles
If you want to read the script, Chris Wooley.